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Baby Eczema

Hey lovelies,

I had Eczema as a child/teen and so did my Husband and knowing it can often be genetic I pretty much predicted our children would get it too. Mila’s started at 5 months old mostly on her forehead but with recommended creams and tiny bit of steroid cream prescribed by the doctor it very quickly went.
Mila has the occasional small outbreak especially in the summer and usually after wearing suncream but nothing that bothered her.

Nirvanas Eczema however was a lot worse, hers started a little later than Mila’s did and I did think at one point she had got away with it but when she turned 6 months it started to appear, at first on the back of her neck and on her little ankles. I took her to the Doctors when the tons of different creams and home remedies that worked on Mila didn’t work with Nirvanas skin and they prescribed her that same steroid cream (hydrocortisone) after diagnosing her with Acute Eczema which cleared up small patches after a couple of days but her entire body started to flare up – she was itchy to the point she cried all night, nothing seemed to stop her itching and the steroid cream which I wasn’t too happy about smothering her in as it can cause skin discolouration didn’t seem to be helping at all anymore.
I carried on trying her with other creams and watched it get worse…seeing her so uncomfortable and see her beautiful baby skin start to crack and bleed broke my heart.

I was on Twitter one day and an article came up about a Mother claiming she’d found a ‘Miracle Cream for £3.99’ – I wasn’t going to read it as I always see claims like this but the pictures staring back at me of the child’s skin in the before pictures looked exactly like Nirvanas.
‘Child’s Farm’ bottles were all over the article and I instantly recognised the cute little packaging from trips to Boots that I had in all honesty never thought of buying.
I read the article in its entirety and screen shot the page to remind me to buy some to try when I was next in town.

My sister sent me the same article a couple of days later as she knew about our struggle with Nirvanas skin which reminded me to get some and as my husband was finishing his night shift I asked him to pop into our local boots and pick some up to try.
By this time the article had gone viral and when he went into the store the to buy some he saw the shelves had been completely cleared, he asked a store assistant if they had anymore and she told him that someone had come in and stolen the lot!! Luckily I managed to get hold of some online and had them delivered to my local store the next day.
That night after her bath in Child’s Farm bubble bath I smothered her in the lotion which contains 98% natural ingredients, smells lovely and dries quickly all over her before putting her to bed. The next day her skin was practically clear. I honestly couldn’t believe it!!!! My husband and I got online straight away and ordered more.
I applied this little bottle of wonder to her skin every night before bed and and within a week she was clear of Eczema. Even the areas that were cracked and bleeding were rid of this horrid skin condition, she started sleeping again and her skin felt beautiful. I have to say I started using it as a face moisturiser for myself which, after seeing how amazingly it worked on my baby, I had high hopes this stuff might make me look 21 again…it didn’t, but my face did feel lovely! ☺️


I couldn’t recommend these products enough and before our holiday we stocked up on more products to take with us including the Sun cream which so far hasn’t brought out her Eczema at all, considering sun cream is usually the worst culprit for Eczema this is pretty amazing!!


To the Child’s Farm people who created this, Thank you!! We got our happy baby back because of your products and they even gave us some sleep – if I could hug you I would!!!!!!

Shop the range here

Chantal x

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