Newborn Favourites

Let’s be honest, the amount of things these little bundles of joy need is overwhelming. The moment you announce your pregnancy to your nearest and dearest, you’re inundated with lists of ‘essentials’ that sometimes really aren’t all that essential.

In my ‘I’ve just seen those two pink lines’ excited little bubble, I rushed out and bought one of those ‘Nappy Disposal Systems’ that everyone raved about; the biggest waste of money. I bought the overly priced cartridges for it, spent 20 minutes trying to fit it together before throwing it at my poor husband to fix for me while I sat and wondered if I can’t do this, how on earth could I raise a baby and in the end it pretty much collected dust, not nappies. There have been a few products like this that were a pointless purchase but I’ve put together a list of products I absolutely loved and would totally recommend (use again if I was allowed another baby 🙈):

SleepyHead of Sweden


It seems that this is THE product to have and their popularity is growing at a fast rate. I first spotted one on a beautiful Instagram post when I was pregnant with Mila in 2014, I didn’t really consider getting one at the time as I thought they were a bit of a ‘trend’, albeit a very cute one, but little did I know just how useful they actually are.

I had a planned Caesarean Section with Nirvana in 2016 and from my experience with Mila I knew this product was an absolute must.

Not being able to quickly get up and out of bed post surgery several times a night to get her out of a Moses basket for a feed made this an absolute life saver, fitting perfectly between us in our bed, my husband and I felt completely comfortable co-sleeping with her knowing she was totally safe. It was so easy to move around the house and Nirvana was so snug and content in it, she almost instantly fell asleep as soon as she was put in it.

They’re not particularly cheap but really are worth every penny. The covers are removed very easily to wash but I would definitely recommend buying cot bed fitted sheets instead of the actual Sleepyhead spare sheets as they are around £50 each! I had quite sicky babies so these needed changing quite regularly!

RRP £120

I got mine from John Lewis


White noise

There are so many toys like Ewan the Sheep etc that are great white noise products, but with both girls just my phone and YouTube has worked perfectly. Simply searching ‘White noise for babies’ you find hundreds of hours worth of soothing sounds to help calm and even put them to sleep to give you a little time to shower or a enjoy a well deserved hot cup of tea.

Feeding pillow


Breastfeeding can be incredibly physically uncomfortable, especially when you’re just getting used to it or when you’re out and about and there aren’t any comfy places to sit. I found a feeding pillow such a necessity as it stopped that awful back ache and less strain on my body, especially with having a c-section.
I found that it also frees your hands up a little so you can attend to your other children or even eat some food yourself (I also applied a full face of make up and breastfed at the same time as I had totally free hands)! *winner winner*

RRP £25.00

I got mine from  Mamas and Papas

MilkSnob Covers


WhatsApp Image 2017-08-05 at 5.59.08 PM

Another Instagram find! These amazing covers make breastfeeding in public a dream. Unlike some covers, which only cover the front of your body, this covers you totally – you could be completely topless underneath it in the middle of your favourite coffee shop and nobody would know.
They are multi functional (see all uses on the website) and are available in a wide range of beautiful prints and colours. Mine as shown below is the colour ‘Toasted Almond’.

RRP $36.00 (U.S) (Roughly £27) 

Check out MilkSnob here or via Instagram @Milksnob – Worldwide Delivery

Medela Breast Pump


In all honesty, this is the only breast pump I’ve ever tried so I’m far from an expert on this subject but it worked perfectly for me!

Before buying, I researched lots of different pumps and read numerous forums containing advice from other mums who have tried a wide range and this one seemed to tick all the boxes for me. I didn’t plan on using it too much so didn’t want to spend a fortune as it was really just to take the edge off when my boobs became to engorged and painful and also to pump and dump on those rare nights out…These are incredibly easy to use, small enough to fit into your bag, and are also simple to take apart to clean/sterilise.

RRP £24.99

I got mine from Mother care

AngelCare Bath

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-05 at 5.59.10 PM

This ones pretty self explanatory but again, just worked perfectly and is something I wish I had with my eldest daughter.

For me, this just alleviated the back pain you can get from leaning over the bath as you can let them lay without having to hold them at all. Also, the rubber material stops them from slipping and it doesn’t have one of those things between their legs to hold them up, which I don’t think looks particularly comfortable. Nirvana loved the freedom of being able to move her arms and legs in the water and I can bath her and her big sister together knowing she is totally safe.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-05 at 5.59.07 PM

RRP £24.00

I got mine from Mother care

Lovey by Dr. Brown


This is actually a product I got recently which I wish I had gotten for Nirvana when she was born and wish I’d known about them with Mila.
The amount of times a night I had to go into her nursery to pop in her dummy which she has managed to lose under herself or thrown over the top of the cot made me a walking zombie! This amazing little creation has loops where you connect their dummies to and is perfectly sized for them to snuggle and find in their cots even when half asleep.
They come in a variety of different characters perfect for boys and girls (I’ll include a few different pictures).

Nirvana absolutely loves it and I think I love it even more!!! Yay for Sleep!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-05 at 5.59.06 PM

RRP £15

Check them out here

Hope you found this a little helpful…Feel free to contact me if you have any questions – Chantal X

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