12 + Months Baby/Toddler Favourites

Hey lovelies,

So I’ve blogged previously about what my ‘Newborn Essentials’ were (here) and now my babies are growing (far too quickly…) I thought I’d do a little updated version of products I have been loving recently.

Childs Farm


For those of you who have followed my Blog since I began a few months ago or who follow me on @StarieSisters will know I’m a huge fan of Childs Farm products, they literally healed Nirvanas Acute Eczema overnight and I will be forever grateful to them for that!! (You can read about my experience with baby eczema here).

Of course when the baby moisturiser worked its magic on Nirvanas sensitive skin I went out and stocked up on a variety of their products, including the bubble bath, nappy cream, baby wash and sun cream for our holiday coming up and of course more of the moisturiser. I was not disappointed and can honestly say I will never use another brand of baby toiletries again! I’m very conscientious about what my girls eat in order to keep them healthy and I feel exactly the same way about their skin, I want to use the best and natural products and Childs Farm deliver exactly that!

The most recent products from the range I added to our collection was the shampoo and conditioner, Mila has wild curly hair that even my Tangle Teaser struggles to get through some days but these incredible smelling (Strawberry and Organic Mint) products not only with their super quirky packaging were cute enough to make a very stubborn three year old let me wash her hair, but also made it soft enough for there to be no tears when brushing!!!! *WINNING!*

Nirvanas hair has started to form little ringlets so i know she is going to be a curly head too so this item will be a permanent fixture in our bathroom.

Yes I have absolutely used it on my own hair and I’m a bit of a shampoo snob but I can confirm its Mummy approved and left my hair feeling amazing! THE. SMELL. THOUGH!! ❤️

You can check out the entire Award Winning range and read about the brand here

Shop the range at boots here

Halo Sleep Sack


Even though Nirvana is now at the age they deem ‘safe’ to have a duvet and pillow I still prefer her to sleep in a sleep bag and will do until she is around 18 months old. I did the same with Mila and this is just what I personally feel comfortable with.

My little Houdini had managed to escape from her sleep bag by undoing the poppers on the shoulders when she became strong enough to pull them off and I found her in her cot with the sleep bag thrown on the floor.  She was growing out of that particular 6-12 month sleep bag anyway so I went on the hunt for a new one in the next size up. I came across Halo in BabiesRUs whilst visiting America and I did a little inside happy dance when I noticed they didn’t have shoulder poppers, the zip is inverted which makes it easier to change nappies without having to take the whole thing off as well as alleviating the worry that they might escape. The fleecy material is so snuggly and soft and she has slept soundly since we have used it, and so have I knowing she is safe.

You can check them out here

You can find them on Amazon UK also.

RRP £25.00

Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat


I searched for a little booster seat that was small enough to fit our dining table chairs so that there was plenty of leg room under the table, but also high enough for the girls to see and eat comfortably. After finding a few that were quite unsteady or would be too big I came across this one…it looked nice, was the perfect fit for our table, had a good price point and most importantly was really safe. The straps are universal for most chairs and the strap the baby/toddler in adjusts enough to fit Mila at three years old and fit Nirvana even when she was sitting up at around 5/6 months.                                                              She LOVES sitting at the dining table with us and I have to say she looks super cute sitting there too. We didn’t use her highchair that much and she definitely feels more involved at dinner time. Anything to make meal times that little less chaotic!

RRP: £24.99

Check them out here

Leap Frog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart


My girls were gifted this as a joint present for their Birthday’s recently and it has gone down so well. I find it difficult sometimes getting them toys that they can both play with and enjoy that are interactive and exciting enough for Mila but also safe enough for Nirvana.

Lots of toys Mila loves/wants recently are just too much of a choking hazard for her baby sister but this is something they both love playing with (even together!!) and i feel comfortable enough to let them get on with it. Mila loves pulling the cart around the house asking people what flavour ice cream they would like and putting it together for her ‘customers’.   It has helped her with her colour recognition, fine motor skills and developing her imagination.  As she gets a little older and becomes more interested in the money side of it, it will also help with her numeracy skills.

Nirvana will happily sit by it for hours and so far just enjoys chewing and touching all the pieces it comes with but also loves to just sit and watch her sister play, its always the toy she crawls to first when Mila is at Pre School and she gets the play room all to herself!

Check them out here

RRP £39.99

Vitabiotcs – Well Baby


Nirvana has always been a very easy baby to feed, she loves her food and i have yet to find something she doesn’t enjoy eating, so this next product I initially bought for Mila when she was around 2 years old and became a fuss pot at dinner time. Because she started becoming a fussy eater I worried she wasn’t always getting enough vitamins and goodness as most of the veg i got her to eat she spat right back out, that mixed with the fact she was coming home from nursery with every bug known to man every week I wanted to pump her body full of goodness.

WellBaby multi vitamins is in liquid form so its easy to administer and is suitable for infants from 4 months old up until 4 years old so is perfect for both girls. They both love the natural orange taste and most days I have Mila telling me she ‘doesn’t feel well and needs medicine’ just so she can get some!

RRP £5.69 – often found in the 3 for 2 offer at Boots here

You can also pick them up at most Supermarkets

Ella’s Kitchen


I have been using Ella’s kitchen products since my eldest daughter started her weaning journey nearly 3 years ago so I couldn’t not mention them in my list of ‘Favourites’. One of Mila’s first foods was the yummy ‘Banana Multigrain Baby Rice’ and when I repurchased this for Nirvana last year and opened the packet the smell made me feel so nostalgic! There are so many different varieties of flavours, textures and ingredients and they make the whole incredibly daunting process of weaning an absolute breeze.

Each pouch and packet in the Ella’s Kitchen range has age indictors clearly marked at the front that tell you what age the product is recommended for and on the back the ingredients are also clear and easy to see (complete with cute little pictures). Reading the amount of great stuff that is in each pouch always makes me happy about what I’m putting in my children’s tiny tummies and of course each pouch (packaged to make feeding time when you are out and about super easy) are also 100% organic.

Nirvana with just a few of her favourites

The range of snacks and finger foods are also fab, fun and healthy…my incredibly fussy 3 year old who usually spits out her veg will happily sit and unknowingly munch on those carrot and parsnip puffs!

You can read about their products and the amazing plans they have to make all of Ella’s Kitchens materials and services to be ethically and sustainably sourced by 2024 here

Saving the world and dinner time…whats not to love!!

Hope you found this helpful!

Lots of love,

Chantal x

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