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Cervical Cancer Awareness Month…

Hey lovelies,

Let’s be honest, if this was a check up that could save our babies lives, we’d be on the phone in a heartbeat booking an appointment with our doctors!

Us mamas tend to neglect ourselves sometimes, we are slaves to our little people and don’t always have time to make sure WE are okay, but this is different. This could save your life, a life those little people of ours NEED.

Smear test bookings are at a shocking 20 year LOW. Women aren’t turning up to their appointments or just not booking them full stop. This could potentially mean a lot of lives will be lost.

I’ve had the conversation with friends many times about ‘the dreaded smear’ and it usually goes a little like ‘I need it done but I need a wax’ and I’m definitely guilty of feeling this way too, which really thinking about it, is completely ridiculous!! They don’t care what you look like down there, they’ve really seen it all before!!

I’ve had a few smears done…they’re not pleasant, slightly uncomfortable and sometimes a tiny bit painful but they really are over in seconds. The tools they use look scarier than they feel and the Nurses are usually very sweet, understanding and chat throughout to make you a little more relaxed. Remember, they’ve been there themselves too!!!

My reminder came through the post a couple of months ago and I’ve only just booked my appointment…One of my ‘New Years Resolutions’ is to look after myself a little more, it took me a while but I’ve made that phone call and even though I’m going to have to take my 15 month old in with me, I’m getting it done!

Get yourself waxed, have a trim, shave, do whatever it is you need to do to make sure you feel a little more comfortable and book it!!!!

January is ‘Cervical Cancer Awareness Month’ – spread the word, text your friends and family, post reminders on social media…lets help save some lives 💙

If you want to read a little more about the procedure you can visit the NHS website here for more information

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