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What’s in my Changing bag (toddler)

Hey lovelies,

I don’t know why, but everyone (myself included) seem to find ‘What’s in my handbag’ posts and vlogs so interesting…but they just are – aren’t they?

There is something quite secret and intimate about a handbag and that little look into something you wouldn’t normally see can tell you so much about a person!!

Anyway, it’s very rare these days that I get to use an actual handbag so it seemed a little more fitting to do a ‘Whats in my Changing Bag?’ post instead.

When I was pregnant with Mila 4 years ago I knew that all parents carried around a changing bag, but what did they really contain? Of course I assumed nappies and some wipes, but changing bags always seemed so huge and full – what else would you possibly need???

Well, it turns out that this has to be your bag of tricks – you need to have everything  your baby/toddler could possibly need and cover every eventuality too. It took me a while to get the hang of this, luckily most of my friends had babies around the same time and between us we always managed to have the essentials.

So, today I thought I’d share some of my changing bag ‘must haves’ with a 16 month old and a 3 year old, just to share some tips as I’m sure we all do things slightly differently.

I’ve had a few changing bags but feel I’ve finally found what works for me, a big back pack!!! With two hands to hold now the last thing I need is to be worrying about holding a bag and this has really worked for me. It helps that backpacks have become on trend again recently which means I can feel a little bit stylish while it also being incredible practical.

If you’re baby wearing this can also be perfect as it’s almost impossible to carry a bag at the same time and the bag being on your back balances the weight nicely eliminating back pain.

A few essentials I currently have in my bag:

Nappies – Nirvana is currently in pull-ups and I usually pack around 5 for a whole day out

Wipes – we like the pampers fresh ones the best! Waitrose also do some called bottom butter wipes which smell like vanilla and are lovely!

Nappy Sacks – essential incase you can’t find a bin!

Plastic bag – for dirty/wet clothes, of course you can use nappy sacks for this but I like to have a bigger one to hand

Warm Hat & Sun Hat – you never know what the weather is going to do so I’ve always got both types of hat with me

Baby Sunscreen – again, you never know what the weather is going to do

Change of clothes – including socks and pants – especially when potty training!!

Comforter – I try not to take out Nirvana’s bed time comforter because if we lost it I don’t think we’d ever sleep again!! She’s not as in love with the spare but it does help with long days out or car trips etc

Spare dummies

Tommee Tippee anti bacterial wipes – these are perfect for when dummies get dropped on the floor in a place you’d rather not ‘suck it’ clean – simply wipe over and they kill 99.9% of germs and the dummies can be popped straight back in their mouths!

Blanket – just because you never know what the weather is going to do or if you need to put it down somewhere to sit on etc

Red books – Mostly because I usually forget these at doctor or hospital visits so if it’s in the changing bag I won’t forget!

Travel sized first aid kit – with plasters, antibac wipes, burn gel, calpol etc!

Snacks and bottles of juice/water – Oat bars, bananas, raisins…and for emergencies (aka 5 mins peace in a coffee shop) little packs of milky buttons!

I hope you’ve found this helpful! Let me know what some of your essentials are over on my latest IG post HERE

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