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Same but different…

Hey lovelies,

They always say, ‘No two are ever alike’…but you do still tend to imagine that they will be, even if just a little.

Brought up the same way, close in age, same parents, same environment, even sharing the same clothes. But it’s so true, and these two loves of mine are no exception.

When I found out I was pregnant with another baby girl I was so excited. I imagined them walking around hand in hand, blonde curls held up with matching bows. Then Nirvana made her entrance into the world with jet black hair and I knew I was going to have my hands full with two very different little girls.

Their personalities are opposite in so many ways. If Mila notices a scratch on her leg she acquired a week ago she’ll cry and ask for a cuddle yet Nirvana will face plant the floor and just get right up like nothing happened.

Mila has always been incredibly gentle and always looks out for other children, mothering them in a way – Nirvana will try to get her own way by pulling hair, so far only her her big sisters but to this day Mila has never retaliated.

Mila is an incredibly fussy eater, Nirvana will eat anything and everything. Mila is tall and Nirvana is average height. The list is endless…

They look very individual too, I have had a stranger ask me if they ‘know each other’ as they ‘get on so well’ and they looked shocked when I said they were sisters.

Their development has also been very different from rolling over to talking but luckily they BOTH have been amazing sleepers – touch wood so far – but I do put this down to the sleep training we did with them both at the same age (click here for my sleep training blog post).

I’m so excited to see how their personalities grow and develop and I do love how incredibly unique they are to each other.

So different but definitely the best of friends.

Do you have children who are total opposites or even super similar? I’d love to hear about them over on my instsgram post here

Lots of love

Chantal x

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