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Hey lovelies,

We recently got to try the new range of Bambino Mio reusable swim nappies and I have to say we are hooked. The beautiful prints, the incredibly soft terry lining, the handy drawstring waistband making them secure and easy to pull on and off, the lightweight (and leakproof) material and the fact they are washing-machine and tumble dryer friendly are just a few of reasons why.

Did you know, simply choosing reusable swim nappies instead of the disposable ones can help to save an incredible 6,000 tonnes of nappies thrown away!! With just one single disposable nappy taking up to 500 years to decompose, it really is time to make a difference to our planet, especially for our little ones and their futures.

Whether you use them for your back garden in the paddling pool, your local pool or at the beach on your next holiday, these reusable swim nappies are better for baby, the environment and at just £9.99 – your pocket!

April 22nd is International World Earth Day and what better way to start making a difference than by making a change over to reusable. I’m already so excited about making a change and am now looking into switching to reusable everyday nappies too! 🌏

You can check them out or shop the Bambino Mio website here

*The new range will be available from Aldi UK and Ireland on April 19th 2018

I’d love to hear if you have already tried reusable swim or reusable everyday nappies and what your thoughts are on making the change.

Lots of love,

Chantal x

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