St Ives

Hey lovelies,

I became interested in skin care at around 15 years old. I’d never really had the typical bad ‘teenage skin’ but got the occasional spot which at that age of course, was the worst thing in the world!!

With my pocket money I walked around Boots completely overwhelmed as to what I was looking for. There wasn’t YouTube videos or any social media with helpful tips of what to get in those days…’those days!’ god I sound old!!

The pretty and bright packaging combined with Blemish Control written across the front of the St Ives face scrub stood out to a clueless me and right there and then became my first skin care purchase! Unknowingly also one that 17 years later would still be a staple in my bathroom cabinet.

Every morning I start getting ready with a shower and one of my favourite daily routines is putting on my moisturiser after using one of my St Ives scrubs! I don’t feel right if i miss this step and my scrub even came with me to the hospital when I birthed my babies as I knew I’d feel a little more human after using it.

There are 5 different scrubs, definitely one for everyone…or if you are like me, 5 for everyone as they each have their own unique benefits.

Each bottle shows the level of exfoliation with a handy little chart on the back and they ALL smell amazing!

A little breakdown of each scrub…


My first love, the BLEMISH CONTROL scrub is the one I grab at a certain time of the month when my hormones play havoc with my skin. I try and only use this once or twice a week during this period *pardon the pun* as it has a high exfoliation level. I massage really gently into my face during my morning shower.


I use the BLACKHEAD CLEARING scrub when I’ve been to lots of events (weddings/parties etc) or have just been wearing lots of make up in general. Make up obviously can clog pores so when I want to give my skin some extra TLC this is the one I usually reach for. The green tea helps calm skin too which is needed after lots of heavy make up to prevent breakouts!


The EVEN & BRIGHT scrub has a medium exfoliation level and smells so fresh and uplifting. I love using this one in the mornings to wake me up, especially when I’ve had a particularly sleepless night with the girls. The pink lemon and mandarin orange scent is so awakening and fruity and is a perfect pick me up to start the day!


The FRESH SKIN scrub does exactly what it says on the tin bottle!

With its high exfoliation level this scrub quickly reveals soft, refined and fresh skin.

I’d recommend this particular scrub if you have quite normal skin and just want a really good exfoliator to use a few times a week.


This scrub has fast become my favourite! Not just because it smells incredible (I could actually bath in it!!) but also because it’s a handy little 2 in 1 product. Leave it on your skin and it doubles as a mask. I try and do this once a week as a little treat.

I also love using this one at night time before using my favourite bedtime moisturiser as I find the scent (creamy oatmeal extract) so relaxing!

You can pick these scrubs up at most supermarkets and the RRP varies depending on the scrub but are usually around £4/£5.

You can check out the range on the Boots website here – they currently have an offer of 3 for 2!

You can also follow them on Instagram here

Given these scrubs a go? Which is your favourite?

Lots of love


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