Q&A – 2018

Hey lovelies,

I recently put a poll on my Instagram story asking if anyone would be interested in reading a Blog Post style Q&A and surprisingly 100% of (incredibly kind) people said they would!

I totally get it, I’m very nosey and love reading these myself which is why I thought this would be fun and sometimes it’s nice to get a little blog inspiration.

So I had some lovely people, as they say, slide into my DM’s with some great questions!

Here goes…

Whats your favourite Starbucks drink? 

I don’t function well without coffee and I’m definitely more of a Starbucks girls than a COSTA girl! My two favourite drinks are Pumpkin Spiced Lattes, which heartbreakingly are seasonal or a Grande Vanilla Cold Brew Latte with oatmeal milk! My Husband prefers COSTA so we usually argue about where we go (I normally win!).

Whats your favourite candle scent?

Anyone that knows me knows my love for candles, I can spend hours sniffing them in stores and usually have at least 2 burning in my house daily.

I have a few faves and couldn’t pick one, sorry!!

  1. Diptique – Tubereuse (shop)
  2. The White Company – Saychelles (shop)
  3. Jo Malone – Dark Amber and Ginger Lily (shop)
  4. Yankee Candle – Black Coconut (shop)

Jo Malone Intense Dark Amber and Ginger Lily Candle Review (2)

Would you have any more babies?

I get asked this question all the time. I often wonder if as a woman you ever stop getting broody?? Even though I totally know how I’d announce another pregnancy, I know what names I’d have and sometimes wonder if we had a boy, what would he would look like….we wont be having any more!

After having Mila I knew I wasn’t ‘done’ and I’d feel myself  looking longingly at newborns and pregnant women and I knew I wanted that again. It was also incredibly important to us that she had a sibling.

This time around I do feel differently and as scrummy as those new babies are, I now find myself watching those tired new Mamas with knowing sympathy instead of envy. If the girls wake me in the middle of the night for the toilet or a cuddle I wonder to myself how on earth I ever managed waking and feeding every hour and a half. Things are also getting a little easier now and the thought of starting all over again is more daunting to me than exciting.

When the girls are older I’d love them to do lots of clubs and sports, maybe even learn to play instruments if they wish and all these things are bloody expensive!! I feel like having another child would mean financially things would be harder so the girls wouldn’t be able to do as many of these activities, and like all parents, we want to offer them the best we can.

I love your eyebrows, how do you get them like that?

LOVED this question!! I always find myself checking out other peoples brows! 🙊

My eyebrow hair grows really fast which is lucky for me as when I was 15 years old I shaved them off completely and drew them back on…*shudders* …with a black eyeliner pencil!!!

I’ve been going to the lovely Roxy for a few years now for HD Brows. This involves threading, tinting, waxing and plucking! She’s brilliant at getting the perfect shape for your face and is a total babe!

If you are local and want to make an appointment click here to see her website or check out her Instagram page here

What is the girls age gap? Would you have preferred a different age gap?

Three weeks after Mila turned 2, Nirvana was born. So their age gap is almost exactly 2 years. I did find this age gap…challenging! Mila fully embraced the ‘terrible twos’ pretty much on her second birthday and dealing with those constant tantrums on very little sleep, crazy hormones and mum guilt made me lose my mind!! I have previously written a blog post on their age gap which I’ll link here

I obviously wouldn’t change anything and I love how close they are but when my friends ask for advice about having a second child, I do usually advise… “Wait until your eldest turns 3!!”

If you had boys instead of girls what would their names have been?

We would have probably had Axel (the name is in my family) if we had a boy. When we found out we were expecting we agreed my husband could choose the name if he were a boy and I’d choose if she were a girl. We also liked Hudson, Parker, Jaxon and Hunter.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

Home, but a close second (other than my parents home) The Maldives! I spent lots of time there when I was younger and have the best memories.

How long have you and your Husband been together?

We had our first date 9 and a half years ago and have been married nearly 5 years.


What religion will you raise your girls?

My Husband and I have both been christened, but we don’t practice any type of religion and consider ourselves Atheist. I was christened at 9 years old and wanted to be at the time. The girls are not being raised at home in any type of religious way. When they are old enough to make their minds up of which religious/non religious route they want to take we will support their decision.

Best part of being a mummy?

Apart from the obvious overwhelming, unconditional love you feel, having a little friend always by your side and watching this little being that you created grow every day, I have to say the best part is..the other Mothers!!

It’s crazy how these tiny humans can create such amazing bonds between perfect strangers who might not usually have had anything in common.  I’m so incredibly lucky to have wonderful groups of Mummy friends that have gotten me through some hard days, sometimes unknowingly.  Just hearing other mamas going through the same roller coaster of emotions that you are can be such a welcome comfort.  I definitely recommend joining local baby groups, NCT groups, messy play/sensory classes or just drop in playgroups. Not only does this get you out of the house (cabin fever is real with a new baby) but it will get you meeting other mums and maybe even little friends for your baby.

Thanks for your questions lovelies!

Id love to hear your answers over on my latest Instagram post!

lots of love

Chantal x

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