Summer Favourites 2018

Hey lovelies!

It’s been a while since I did my last Favourites so I thought I’d do a little updated, summery addition of things we’ve been loving in recent months…

Bambino Swim Nappies

With this glorious English weather in full force these swim nappies have been an essential for us this summer. We’ve used them in our garden, at the local indoor swimming pool and the beach! I’ve written a whole detailed blog post about why they are an essential which I’ll link here – but I couldn’t not mention them in this post too!

Shop the range on the website here

Check out their Instagram here

Child Farm Sun Cream

Another absolute summer essential, especially with my girls both suffering with eczema which usually flares up when wearing most sun creams. Available in a handy roll on, spray or lotion all with SPF 50+ and suitable for sensitive skin.

I popped the roll on in Mila’s backpack which went with her to pre school and the staff have even commented on how great it is and how easy it is to apply.

Check out Child’s Farm on Instagram here

Shop their website here


If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen we have been testing out this incredible brands innovative products for a couple of months now and I can honestly say there isn’t a product we haven’t loved. Everything has been thoughtfully designed with little hands and busy parents in mind.

Over the last nearly 4 years of being a Mummy I have tried and tested a lot of baby and toddler products and this entire range has not disappointed. Oxo Tot have quickly become a firm favourite in our house and I’ve already got my eye on a few more pieces to add to our collection.

Sippy cups for every age range, portable training plates, travel spoons with little cases…everything has been designed to make being on the go simple and a lot let messy. With it being summer and having lots of play dates in the park coming up these little gems are absolute essentials!

Oxo Tot giving my little babe a helping hand at being independent and making the mama life a lots less stressful 💗

Check out the website here

Check out the Oxo Tot Instagram here

Minkleberry Kiss

We have been loving this beautiful company since it opened in 2016 and I have loved watching it grow and become so deservedly successful! My first purchase was some beautiful bow holders and a set of Russian doll shelfies which to this day take pride of place in Mila’s bedroom.

I had to add them to my summer favourites because I’m stalking the customisable School Bows for Mila who will be starting reception in September. Every post she uploads makes me smile and coo over! Don’t even get me started on the headbands with ears…I have actual dreams of a trip to Disney land with us all wearing them!!!

Fiona, the absolute babe and boss lady behind the brand is so incredibly sweet and so so talented – based in Scotland her pieces are all completed with the most perfect and detailed finishing touches.

If you aren’t already following this stunning shop you can check out the MinkleBerryKiss Instagram page here

Link to their website here

Shop the Pineapple romper Nirvana is wearing here


As I mentioned, my biggest babe will be starting school this September and the list of items they need seems to be endless!! I’ve been pretty organised and seem to have got nearly most things purchased *Smug Face*

Of course everything will need to be labelled and when I say everything I mean everything from backpacks to each individual sock!

I came across Stikets on Instagram and loved how easy the website was to use and Mila enjoyed being able to pick all the little details for her own labels. She chose the colour, the font and the choice in character which are all set up beautifully making it a total breeze. She was very pleased with herself and when they came through the post a couple of days later she couldn’t wait to help me get started on the labelling process.

I went for 64 of the iron on medium sized labels which cost around £13 including delivery.

Instagram here

Website here

So that’s it! Some of our favourite summer items we’ve been loving. Let me know what some of yours are over on our Instagram page here

lots of love,

Chantal x

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