Hi lovelies!

I discovered Mini-U scrolling through Instagram. I’d been on the hunt for something to use on the girls hair which would not only detangle but also help accentuate their beautiful curls as well as being suitable for their sensitive skin…seeing NO Parabens, NO SLS/SLES, NO Nonsense on the website made me quickly click the follow button.

The bright and toddler/child friendly packaging also stood out to me and I knew Mila would love some of the fun products they had to offer.

Bath Bombs!

Thanks to YouTube, Mila is obsessed with watching videos of children play with bath bombs, she always points them out in shops but as they aren’t usually for children and with them both having sensitive skin I usually say no.

These bath bombs are brilliant!! They have some incredible scents, fun colours and even have a little toy inside. Getting Mila to have a bath can sometimes be ‘challenging’ and a time of day I dread but when I mention she has a bath bomb waiting for her she practically runs up the stairs!! Nirvana has also been loving them so we usually end up using two per bath.

I have to say I may have ‘borrowed’ the Vanilla and Shea butter one for myself and loved every minute! They currently have a 2 for 1 offer on the website for the bath bombs which you can find here.


Nirvana’s hair is very curly and most mornings she wakes up looking a little crazy, it’s not really tangled but needs a little something to calm it down. I find detangling sprays and brushing her hair can make it a little frizzy so using this Curly Locks Curl Activator spray is a game changer. It perfectly defines her little ringlets so beautifully and with a few sprays and a little brush with the Mini-U Mini-U Pro Styler she’s good to go.

SO impressed with the results!!

For Mila, brushing her hair is something she’d happily never do and it can be like performing and exorcism during the process. Like her sister, Mila’s hair is curly but as it’s long the curls have slightly dropped. Her hair gets incredibly knotty so using the detangling spray makes my life a lot easier!! I use the Dynamite Detangling Spray and the Mini Pro Styler together every morning and I know these are going to be life savers on school run mornings when we are in a little bit of a rush.


Bath Fun!

The Fizzy Plops water colour changing tablets are great fun!! Another one of those ‘Mummy can I have a bath?!’ (Who even is this child?) products. For less than £2 for a pack of 9 they cleanse skin, create a ‘Mermaid Bath’ (Mila’s words) and best of all they don’t stain the tub or your kids! Win win! Blueberry, melon and kiwi scented plops of bath time (or even paddling pool!!) fun!

These would also make great presents or party bag gifts!

These Colourful Liquid Soaps have gone down really well with the girls. The idea that they can paint all over each other and not be sent to the ‘Time Out’ step makes for very happy girls! Just like the drops, these cleanse and don’t stain the bath while being fun.

Shampoo and Conditioner


The Moisture Mania Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner firstly smell incredible! The watermelon scent is so distinctive and lasts until the following wash. It doesn’t sting eyes, leaves the girls hair really manageable and contains no nasties…you’ll definitely be using it for yourself too!!


I’ve been testing out these products over the last few weeks to get a really good feel for them all so I could give an honest and fair review, I’m so impressed with them all and we can’t wait to try some other products available on the website.

You can check out Mini-U on Instagram here  or the MiniU’s Website here

Let me know if you’ve tried any of the products from Mini-U and what you thought of them!

Lots of love,

Chantal x

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