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My Hydrotherm Treatment experience – with Ben Barnett

Hi lovelies!

So massage to me has always been, if I’m totally honest, a self indulgent luxury that people with too much time on their hands and plenty of cash had done because…they just could.

It had never occurred to me that it is a way of not only looking after yourself physically but also, and if not more so, mentally.

I was introduced to Hydrotherm recently and from researching its benefits and reading reviews from clients who had experienced the treatment, I couldn’t wait to give it a go!

As a mother to two small children I am guilty, like most, of not focussing on myself and haven’t for quite a long time. My girls of course always come first and can be incredibly demanding of me in every way and I have days I feel like I barely come up for breath.

Like Ben said during our consultation ‘You cannot pour from an empty cup’ – words which are completely relatable to all parents and really emphasise the importance of taking some time out to benefit your well-being and to help you be a better parent too.

As a total massage novice, I felt quite nervous (it’s winter, I’m pale, I’ve eaten far too many family sized Galaxy bars all to myself and lets face it, who shaves their legs regularly when they’re constantly covered in warm layers?!) But I was put at total ease by the wonderful staff at Heritage. I was told beforehand how a therapist views the body throughout treatments and it made perfect sense. I walked in not feeling any apprehension at all.

I think this is such a common feeling for both women and men before a treatment and if you do have any concerns like I did, just give them a call! They will happily chat with you and make you feel so at ease.

Arriving at the tranquil escape that is Heritage, I met Ben for the first time and felt instantly comfortable, he has the most calming presence and relaxing aura plus complete professionalism all rolled up in one just lovely person, of whom I could have chatted to for hours!

We started off with what I thought would be the usual medical questionnaire but I was asked some really interesting questions about myself that definitely got me thinking. I knew at this point that this was going to be not only a wonderful treatment but an fascinating experience too!

Hydrotherm was created by a gentleman named John Holman and Ben was part of the training design team, as a pioneer for the treatment his passion for it is so obvious and completely justified! With over 25 years of experience in the field his knowledge is unparalleled. Ben travels throughout the UK not only delivering his treatments but also teaching other therapists too. Ben currently works at Heritage Beauty and Wellbeing in Bury St Edmunds, Grace Spa and Medical in Belgravia, Vitality Health in Crowborough and Threehills Centre in Folkestone to name just a few.

Ben’s client range is very broad, working with young people, adults of all ages, athletes, people suffering with mental/physical traumas, paralysis to people battling cancer. He has an extensive celebrity clientele which includes Kylie Minogue while she was fighting her own breast cancer.

Walking into the serene treatment room I was shown the hydrotherm mat and was told my options for what I could wear for my treatment for me to be comfortable and how to sit ready for it to start when I was happy to begin. I was asked a few more questions before the treatment started and before we began he asked what side I carry my children on and he assessed my back/spine etc.

I was then positioned properly on the mat and the warmth instantly wrapped around my body, I felt completely moulded onto it yet I also felt like I was floating! laying on the Hydrotherm mat means you don’t have to move or turn over at all during the entire treatment which helps you stay relaxed throughout.

I was told during my consultation that the treatment would be audio recorded so I could listen back to it when I was home, I think this is such an incredible touch to your experience and means your treatment doesn’t end once you have finished at the spa. Great for meditation, helping you to relax in your own home or to just take some time out for yourself and really process more of the treatment at your own pace.

Ben explained the logicsits of the treatment and what areas of the body he would be working on from start to finish so I was fully aware of what would be happening, he also explained that he would be talking throughout, but it was for me to take it all in and listen without talking to fully submerge into it all. Once he had explained all this, he went straight into what I can only describe as pure therapy!!

Bens voice instantly changed once the treatment started, into an almost hypnotic sound that made you forget where you were and fully focus on the treatment.

Disengaged from the world, I admittedly forgot momentarily about my parental responsibilities and upcoming exciting but quite stressful events.

He spoke about such a variety of things going on in my life as he worked on my body and I found myself wondering how could he possibly know this? I found myself thinking, I need to be careful what I think right now because he has to be psychic!

I have to say his words resounded so strongly with things I have been dealing with recently that nobody knows about and it had me in tears, I tried to hold them in but it felt great to let go.

The treatment was an hour long and absolutely flew by. I didn’t want it to end and the feeling I had afterwards was completely indescribable. The air around me felt heavy but I felt lightened, Ben explained that this was quite a common feeling and that feeling around me was the negative energy that has left my body and it made so much sense!

Trying to explain what that treatment is like is not an easy task, I left the room feeling almost drunk, I was so relaxed and on a total giggly high. I kept saying to people who asked what it was like ‘That wasn’t a massage, that was therapy!’ and ‘Something everyone really needs to experience to understand!’

For the next few days I felt at peace with everything, I slept better and I didn’t need to yell at the children once which is completely out of the ordinary as they fight, a lot! But nothing seemed to stress/worry me and it’s definitely not coincidental.

Knowing what I know now about how massage is so beneficial for your body and soul, I decided that in 2019 (and of course beyond) treatments like this would be an essential part of my life.

I joined the gym recently to work on my physical fitness and well being and have added massage/hydrotherm to my new routine to help keep my mental wellbeing in check too.

You can visit Bens website here or follow him and see all the incredible things he is up to on Instagram here

You can also find out more about the available Hydrotherm treatments on the Heritage Beauty and Wellbeing website here or give them a call on 01284 846800 to have a chat about booking with Ben. You can also follow the lovely ladies at the Spa on Instagram here.

Lots of love,

Chantal x

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