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The best facial I’ve ever had!!!

Hey lovelies!

I’ve written about Heritage Beauty and Wellbeing Spa before, about how simply stepping out of my car onto the grounds I feel instantly relaxed, and it never fails to give me the same feeling no matter how many times I visit this stunning venue.

That feeling continues on entering the building and being greeted by the loveliest staff members right up to leaving after your treatment and feeling like you’ve left your troubles behind…

If I have to choose one spa treatment it will always be a facial, to me it’s the ultimate indulgence and as I’m getting older something that I feel is an absolute essential to keep on top of my skin and my skincare routine and today I visited Heritage to try out the Dermalogica Pro 60 Facial.

Pro 60 – The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customised with advanced product, techniques and technology in a soothing environment made for relaxation. The ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience to address all skin concerns and achieve healthy glowing skin, 60 minutes – Heritage Beauty and Wellbeing Website

I arrived for my appointment and as always had the warmest greeting and felt like I’d popped round to friends house. I completed a form in which I wrote down my skin concerns and what I’d like to achieve from my treatment. My main skin concerns were pigmentation (from years of not wearing sunscreen!) and pigmentation spots from previous breakouts. I’m also aware my skin is ageing but I also get the occasional breakout, especially during that time of the month (or after too much chocolate!).

Quite refreshingly, Dermalogica divide their facials by time and customise the facial to your needs so I knew by the name, I was in for 60 minutes of bliss.

I was greeted by my therapist Sabrina and we headed to the beautiful room.

I could honestly not recommend Sabrina enough if you do visit, she is so so incredibly knowledgable and passionate and explains things scientifically but also breaks it down so I had a full understanding of what’s going on with my skin and it’s needs.

Sabrina knew my skin better than I did within ten minutes of me laying down (on the warmest, cosiest heated bed complete with fluffy fleece blankets…Just heavenly!!).

Trying to remember the exact order in which everything happened is quite tricky as I was on cloud 9 the whole time but I’ll try my best to explain it all to you!

Sabrina began by removing my make up, she used one of my all time favourite Dermalogica products, Precleanse , and and then went on to use a skin resurfacing cleanser, microfoliant mixed with a pump of EA35 which acts as a exfoliant accelerator and then a double wash.

Anyone who has facials will know that the only uncomfortable part is usually the extraction process, but Sabrina showed me an incredible tool which makes the process pain free, quicker and doesn’t leave your skin red and blotchy from lots of squeezing. I had zero discomfort during my extractions and was fascinated to see what she got out of my skin (yes I asked to look!!).

Sabrina also used this tool on the other settings which helped penetrate the products she was using deep into my skin to help it absorb even more, I absolutely loved it and found the little vibrations on my face so relaxing too and such a contrast in comparison to the other steps.

I had countless serums, face masks, eye masks, more cleansing, steaming (another favourite part for me!) exfoliating and the most incredible massages while my face masks were on, it really felt like I was receiving the ultimate treat for my skin. After each step Sabrina re-examined my skin and tailored the next step to how my skin reacted.

The hour absolutely flew and again Sabrina got the balance perfectly between explaining each step and just simply letting me completely melt into the treatment and fully relax.

Sabrina suggested products that would help with my skin concerns but never made me feel obliged to purchase, in fact I came away with some testers to use at home and decide in my own time what worked for me and suited my budget.

After my treatment Sabrina gave me a glass of water to sip and left me to slowly come round to the real world again. I was offered to have some tea in the most tranquil relaxing room, I would have LOVED to have taken her up on this but I had to collect the girls from school.

However I did take 10 minutes just to lay and enjoy the feeling of my newly glowy skin.

One week on and I am still enjoying the benefits of my treatment, my skin looks less pigmented and I haven’t had any breakouts and the glow is still very much there!

My sister had the same treatment today after hearing about my experience and my brother has booked for his own next week. I can’t stop raving about it and urge anyone who loves a facial or has never experienced one to give this a go!! You’ll be as hooked as me.

You can view their treatment list on their website here or follow them on Instagram

What’s your favourite spa treatment?

Lots of love

Chantal x

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